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Pilot Testing & Media Evaluations

One of the annoying challenges in field pilot testing or laboratory based media assessments is related to media containment within the testing apparatus. At Wateropolis we have a couple of tricks for this we would like to share.

Laboratory Analysis:

In a laboratory setting our most common test assembly is a 1/2″ clear pvc pipe assembly, it is easy to assemble and allows for quick assessment of granular materials. For media retention we recommend using a stainless steel pipe insert screen. Not pipe as in “water pipe” but pipe as in smoking pipe. Yup, that is right its a simple and reliable screen assembly available on Amazon. It can be sealed with epoxy or silicon sealant into a 1/2″ male threaded adapter assembly as seen in the attached photos. Easy peezy…
If you want to know more just ask, we will even send you some to try.

Field or In Plant Evaluations:

When designing media retention screens for larger pipes, such as 4″ up to 8″ the design is much easier. A variety of retention (aka “under drain”) types are available from a number of suppliers whether they are nozzles, wedge wire or fused plastic.
However the 2″ diameter columns are often a problem, its hard to find a screen that fits that pipe size well. At Wateropolis we look for simple solutions and for 2″ pilot pipes we have developed a slick 2″ screen that fits right into the pipe assembly. The stainless steel screen is a 35 mesh (0.5 mm) fused into an aluminum retaining ring that is glued directly between a 2″ pvc pipe and a standard 2″ coupling. A small layer of 0.8-1.0mm “Torpedo” sand is perfect as an interface for most types of common granular material. No leaking at the edges and it’s robust.
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What is on the horizon?

How about a small grain manganese dioxide coated (aka “greensand”) ceramic granular media designed specifically to achieve ultra low effluent manganese levels. Smaller than any Mn02 media on the market with low backwash rates and more Mn02 content than the alternatives. Interested? If so let us know.

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