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Missouri River Water: Results are Crystal Clear

So Long, Anthracite

Ceralite is Installed and Proven Highly Effective


Today, South Dakotans are enjoying the crystal-clear benefits of decisions made in spring 2019.

That’s when the Randall County Water District partnered with Wateropolis to replace its anthracite with innovative
Ceralite filter media.
The project began by removing 1.0 mm anthracite from the 6.0 MGD gravity filter plant, and in its place adding 1.0 mm Ceralite to its filtration system. Wateropolis’s Ceralite—the first granular alternative to anthracite made for conventional and biological filtration—allowed the treatment plant’s vast distribution network to enjoy Missouri River water made clean for a clearly better price.
How does it work? The low-cost, durable granular media offers the qualities most desired in a lightweight filter media:
• Highly textured surface with excellent particle retention
• Lower effluent turbidities
• Strong, rigid structure with better backwash rates than anthracite
• No fines accumulation at filter surface
• Reduced clean headloss and headloss development


With Ceralite, skimming is never required.

See that? No fines at the top of a filter.
This means >25% increase in Unit Filter Run Volumes.

Made in USA—and Proud of It

Ceralite is manufactured in Livingston,
Alabama, and distributed nationwide
to offer cleaner, smarter water solutions
across the country.

Anthracite v. Ceralite: Proof of Performance

These comparisons show why there is so much excitement about the capabilities of Ceralite. Headless development of old anthracite filters versus new Ceralite filters over several days of operation consistently show lower headloss and higher flow rates in existing filters.


During normal operations, Ceralite also provides
improved effluent quality over anthracite.
Photo credits: Missouri River, Hans Andersen. American flag, K.J. Pargeter.

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