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Safer Swimming: Years of Water Research, Now Available To You

Wateropolis is thrilled to announce our site has been selected to host a premier source of newly published water safety information. More than a decade of research has gone into the document, titled Recreation Water Filtration & Recirculation System Design Examples, and it contains tested recommendations for providing swimmers with cleaner, safer water. Authored by Dr. … Read more

Missouri River Water: Results are Crystal Clear

So Long, Anthracite Ceralite is Installed and Proven Highly Effective   Today, South Dakotans are enjoying the crystal-clear benefits of decisions made in spring 2019. That’s when the Randall County Water District partnered with Wateropolis to replace its anthracite with innovative Ceralite filter media. The project began by removing 1.0 mm anthracite from the 6.0 … Read more

SPECIAL EDITION: The Sultry World of Water Filtration

Sexier than daytime TV. More intrigue than the Hallmark Channel. We at Wateropolis are starting the new year with a fun report from our friends at the University of North Carolina Charlotte. The report delves into relationship issues, two-faced filters, dirty tricks, and more sordid tales from the world of Extended Terminal Subfluidization Wash! In … Read more


Get ready to backwash your way to cleaner water. Our colleagues at the University of North Carolina Charlotte have published new, exciting—some even say tantalizing—data on the benefits of using Extended Terminal Subfluidization Wash to optimize water filtration. We at Wateropolis are honored they’ve chosen our site exclusively to present their important work. We encourage you to … Read more

Granular Media Research Update

Gravity Filters: Recent research on new media caps and biological filtration shows benefits over traditional anthracite. Background: Ceralite-A is a light weight expanded ceramic produced in Alabama. Ceralite-A has an extremely rough, macro porous external surface and weighs approximately 20% less than anthracite.   As An Alternative To Anthracite In a side by side comparison Ceralite-A is showing that … Read more

Pilot Testing & Media Evaluations

One of the annoying challenges in field pilot testing or laboratory based media assessments is related to media containment within the testing apparatus. At Wateropolis we have a couple of tricks for this we would like to share. Laboratory Analysis: In a laboratory setting our most common test assembly is a 1/2″ clear pvc pipe … Read more

New Media for Biological Filtration

Wateropolis has developed the first granular filter media engineered exclusively for biological water filtration and we are looking for pilot opportunities! This granular media encapsulates the most desirable features wanted in a biological filter media with none of the inherent down sides. The highly adsorptive surface has excellent adsorptive kinetics giving great opportunity for “bio-regeneration” … Read more