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Granular Media Research Update

Gravity Filters: Recent research on new media caps and biological filtration shows benefits over traditional anthracite.

Background: Ceralite-A is a light weight expanded ceramic produced in Alabama. Ceralite-A has an extremely rough, macro porous external surface and weighs approximately 20% less than anthracite.


As An Alternative To Anthracite

In a side by side comparison Ceralite-A is showing that it can outperform anthracite in terms of filter run times and effluent quality at a lower cost.





Biological Filtration

Ceralite-A was recently tested as a biological support media for ammonia removal in a drinking water pilot test.
In the Water Research Foundation report WRF-4574  Ceralite-A performed as well or better than GAC for biological ammonia removal. Granular ceramics like Ceralite-A cost a fraction of the price of GAC and last much longer.
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Tri-media Configuration

Thanks to our partners in North Carolina we now have full scale pilot filters testing Ceralite-A as a shallow cap over conventional anthracite. This tri-media configuration is a low cost way to gain UFRV’s from existing filters but adding a course roughing layer to the top of an existing filter.


Tri-media Configuration Iron and Manganese Removal

A recent pilot in Colorado examined Ceralite-A’s ability to be in-situ coated with Mn02 for Fe & Mn removal. Rapid gravity filtration tests at over 8.0 gpm/ft2 showed great operational performance!
Mn02 uptake is as much as 9.0 mg/gram of media. This uptake is due to the immense surface area that allows for tremendous contact area resulting in better oxidation of metals than any other “greensand” type media.

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