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New Media for Biological Filtration

Wateropolis has developed the first granular filter media engineered exclusively for biological water filtration and we are looking for pilot opportunities!

This granular media encapsulates the most desirable features wanted in a biological filter media with none of the inherent down sides.

  • The highly adsorptive surface has excellent adsorptive kinetics giving great opportunity for “bio-regeneration” of biological organisms.

  • A light weight rigid structure provides a strong substrate with none of attrition of granular activated carbon (“GAC”).

  • The particles are produced in lower uniformity coefficients providing improved filtration performance and low backwash rates.

  • The lack of fines generation reduces clean head loss and significantly improves unit filter run volumes (“UFRV’s”) in coagulated processes as compared to GAC.

If you have a biological GAC application with short filter run times or high head loss call us, we can help.





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