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Cerina-250 is a fine-mesh angular granular ceramic product, uniquely engineered with fractured face structures to yield higher surface area to capture particulates. The angular shape offers excellent performance at an economical price point, with good hydraulic performance and flow distribution.

Cerina-250 is ideal for most filtration applications, especially commercial and consumer product systems where as small a footprint as possible is desired and low backwash rates are advantageous. It is also ideal for dealing with aesthetic contaminants such as iron, manganese or general turbidity.

Main advantages:

  • Extremely durable with no predicted end of life due to material hardness.
  • More total useable surface area than most filtration media.
  • Longer effective lifespan than any other filtration media such as sand and anthracite.
  • Less backwash volume required (reduced waste) and faster overall cleanup time with less energy required for backwash.
  • Supports higher flowrates with a smaller footprint than traditional filtration media.
  • Inert and non-reactive to highly acidic, caustic, oxidizing, or high temperature environments (up to 1000F / 538C).


  • Cerina is typically packaged in 20 ft3 (0.56 M3) bulk bags or in 50lb paper bags.
  • Can be paired with Ceracap (Low-density Anthracite Capping material) for dual media filter applications, or in cases where highly variable feed water quality or intermittent spikes of high solids may occur.

Product Specifications:

  • Effective size ranges from 0.15 -0.25 mm (60-80 mesh).
  • Uniformity Coefficient < 1.4 (typically < 1.3).
  • Surface pore sizes in the 1-40 micron range.
  • Design flow rates are in the 8.0 – 10.0 gpm/ft2 range (26 – 33 m3/m2) and backwash rates are slightly less than service flow rates.
  • Ideal for 3 – 5 micron filtration applications such as cryptosporidium, Giardia Lamblia and colloid removal in high rate pressure filter designs.
  • NSF/ANSI-61 Certified.

We Deliver. Get our products shipped directly to you. Freight included on Select Products!