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Measure Twice. Calculate Once.

Calculators designed for the water plant operator.  These calculators feature a variety of formulas, convertors, and look-up tables that make the day-to –day job of operating a water treatment plant simpler.  Calculators include volume conversions, flow conversion, pressure conversion, tank capacity estimator, tank media calculator, liquid feed rate, solid chemical dosing, and more.

Filter Engineering

Tank/Media Calculator

Calculate filtration media requirements

Screen Size Conversion

Mesh to micron conversions

Empty Bed Contact Time

Absorptive contactor calculations

Chemical Feed

Liquid Feed Rate

Dosage rate for batch or continuous liquid chemical feed

Concentration-Liquid Dosing

Determine the concentration of a bulk liquid

Solid Chemical Dosing

Dosage rate for batch or continuous solid chemical feed

Concentration – Solid Dosing

Determine the concentration of a bulk solution


Elements Converter

Volume Conversion

Flow Conversion

Pressure Conversion

Tank Capacity Estimator

Water Treatment

Grain/Gallon Conversion

Convert TDS to GPG

CO2 Calculation

Estimate CO2 concentration in a solution

Brine Drum Capacities

Salt saturator capacity calculations

LSI Calculator



V Notch Flows

Determine flow over a “v” notch weir.

Weir Flows

Determine flow over a rectangular weir.