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Iron & Manganese (Fe/Mn)

Cerapure-MAC will oxidize and filter out dissolved iron and manganese and reduce oxidation chemicals. For oxidized iron and manganese simply use Ceraflow-50 and Cerina-250. All ceramics have low backwash rates and excellent removal of iron and manganese even under the harshest conditions…

  • Iron and manganese are oxidized to their insoluble form before filtration.
  • Oxidation of iron can be achieved with a number of technologies including aeration, chlorination, ozone etc.
  • For ultra-low Mn applications increased dosing of oxidation chemicals will aid in removal and the Cerapure-MAC will remove those oxidants prior to distribution.
  • Both Ceraflow-50 and Cerina-250 have no predicted end of life and are virtually indestructible. Cerapure-MAC has an expected life of 5 – 7 years under normal operating conditions.