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Granular ceramics offer a unique and innovative approach to improving filtration. The primary advantage ceramics has over sand and anthracite is functional surface area. Wateropolis ceramic materials are formulated to have massive amounts of this functional or usable surface area. “Usable surface area” is a surface of macro-porous openings giving particulate that are greater than 0.5 microns in size an optimal surface for attachment. This surface area is vastly different than the micro-porous nature of common aggregate and carbonaceous materials whose primary surface area exists <0.5 micron range. Macro-porous surfaces are also ideal for the propagation and protection of biofilm. In addition the metal oxide composition of ceramics result in improved filtration where there is no coagulants or where coagulation may be sub-optimized.
Through this combination of surface area and more positive zeta potential ceramics can attenuate turbidity spikes and improve finished water and wastewater quality as compared to conventional materials.

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Ceralite is a family of medium to course grade ceramic products that are most often used in:

Gravity Filtration: Ceramic medias have reduced bulk density (weight) and lower specific gravity allowing for larger than average mesh sizes to be utilized while still providing good particle capture and retention. The larger filter media sizes reduce clean head loss and extend filtration times in coagulated water by up to 40%. Ceralite-A makes an excellent and lower cost option to anthracite.

Tri-media designs: Larger mesh, light weight ceramics can be used to cap a traditional sand/anthracite filter which improves UFRV’s by increasing bulk solids loading in the top layer of the filter. Ceramics beds to not form a “skin” at the top of the filter after backwashing like anthracite and GAC. This fines layer is the cause of short filter runs and surface blinding.

Biological Filtration: Granular ceramics have significantly higher surface area as compared to conventional medias. When measuring the total surface area available in the 1.0 micron to 150 micron Ceralite ceramics have more total surface area than any other filter media including granular activated carbon (GAC). This means greater total biofilm mass, less attrition due to mechanical abrasion or chemical attack and a more robust process overall.

Ceralite-A – is a crushed angular ceramic with effective sizes ranging from 1.0 mm to 5.0 mm. The material absorbs ~ 19% moisture by volume (most within 48 hours) and has a hydrated weight that is 15% less than anthracite. The immense macro-porous surface area ideal for biological attachment and is excellent at retaining particles in highly coagulated waters. Ceralite-A is also an excellent catalyst support material for attachment of metal oxides for use in aqueous applications. Ceralite-A is certified to NSF/ANSI-61 and does require a short soaking and rinsing prior to use.

Ceralite Specifications Download

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Ceraflow is a group of fine mesh granular ceramics medias typically used for in high rate pressure filtration. The material has much greater surface area than sand and due to the hardness of the material has no predicted end of life. Ceraflow is almost perfectly spherical which means better filter hydraulics, improved flow distribution and more consistent filter bed interstitial spacing resulting in improved hydrodynamics. Ceraflow products have passed testing to the NSF/ANSI-61 Standard for use in drinking water.

Ceraflow-50 is our primary filtration product and is ideal for all general high rate pressure filtration applications. Ideal for aesthetic contaminants such as iron, manganese, general turbidity or arsenic removal in high rate, small foot print applications. Design flow rates are in the 8.0 – 10.0 gpm/ft2 range (26 - 33 m3/m2) and backwash rates are the same as service flow rates. This feature reduces waste water losses and improves the process efficiency.

Ceraflow-70 is the finest mesh media and is ideal for 3 – 5 micron filtration applications such as cryptosporidium, Giardia Lamblia and colloid removal in high rate pressure filter designs. Design flow rates are in the 8.0 – 10.0 gpm/ft2 range (26 - 33 m3/m2) and backwash rates are less than service flow rates. This is the most economical product to address health related contaminants and eliminate excess waste production.

Ceraflow Datasheet

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