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Our field service calculator is a custom iOS app designed by water treatment professionals to provide accurate results in any demanding situation. Download our mobile app to see why with Wateropolis, you only need to Measure Twice, Calculate Once!

Accurate CalculationsWateropolis provides fast and accurate calculations for 26 frequently used formulas. Download the app today and experience a variety of convertors, calculators and look-up tables.
Field Test ApprovedDesigned specifically for field service use. Our application stores all data and formulas on your phone, which means you will never have to worry connectivity to perform your critical calculations. Boots are not included!
Record Your ResultsYour results are important. With Wateropolis, leverage our email feature to record your data, share with colleagues, or simply save your results for future use.

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Browse our list of frequently used formulas. Our engineering team have chosen 26 formulas relevant to any audience — Chemical Engineers, Municipal Staff or college students.

Concentration - liquid dosing* Tank Capacity Estimator Suspended Solids* LSI Calculator
Solid chemical dosing Tank / Media Calculator Water Conductance* Steam Boiler HP Conversion
Concentration - solid dosing Screen Size Conversion* SRT - MLSS Target Days Brine Drum Capacities
Volume Conversion Empty Bed Contact Time Volatile SS % V Notch Flows
Liquid Feed Rate F/M Ratio SRT-MLSS Weir Flows
Flow Conversion* Wasting - Required Volume Grain / Gallon Conversion  
Pressure Conversion SRT - Days C02 Calculation  
*Free on app download

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Wateropolis is a feature rich, user friendly application providing fast and efficient results. Some of our key benefits include:
  • 26 routinely used formulas.
  • 5 Free formulas included with download!
  • Flexible purchase plans.
  • Calculate using either Imperial or American standard.
Try Our Common Elements Converter

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Engineered to meet your needs.

Wateropolis is the singular vision of water treatment professionals with over 20 years experience in the industry. The application is a result of real-world scenarios, created for those situations where calculating complex formulas on pen and paper just won't get the job done.


Wateropolis strives to provide a practical, and easy to use application for a wide range of users. We are constantly upgrading our product, so check back to see what new formulas and features we have added.

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We are always looking to improve our application. If you would like to suggest a change, request a feature, or just want to provide some feedback, please email us.